Hypertrophy Camp 2 Day Camp

OTAC Trainer, Merv Marks is hosting a 2-day camp for you to learn how to properly grow your muscles. It will focus on the science of hypertrophy and basic anatomy and then you’ll learn how to utilize this in techniques while working out. 


Science of Hypertrophy:

  • What is Hypertrophy
  • What are the types of Hypertrophy
  • Physiological Stimuli for hypertrophy
  • Protocols and techniques to optimize training for hypertrophy
  • Basic Program Design
  • Understanding Sets/Reps/Tempo and Rest
  • How to write a workout
  • Exercise Technique
  • Execution to maximize hypertrophy
  • Peri workout nutrition basics\
  • Pre/intra/post workout supplementation


  • Basic Anatomy of Target Muscle groups
    • Chest & Back
    • Biceps & Triceps
    • Quads, Shoulders & Core
    • Hamstrings, glutes, Calves

Each lecture will be followed by an execution course and workout

Cost for this 2 Day Camp is $299. Sign up HERE or the front desk. 

Schedule of the 2 Day Camp

10AM-11:30AM:  Lecture 

11:30AM-1PM: Workout Session


1:45PM-2:45PM: Lecture

2:45PM-4PM: Workout Session 


About Merv Marks

Degree/Certification(s): BS in Sport Management with minor in Health and Wellness.

PICP level 2 strength coach with Poliquin advanced program design, Kilo Strength Society program design, NSCA-CPT, NASE-speed and explosion specialist, ViPR level 2 coach, NASM-CPT 2002-2008 with advanced education in human movement science, FMS level 1 practitioner 2015-2017, USA weightlifting level 1 coach 2012-2015. USA boxing level 2 coach.