No two people are exactly alike. Know what that means? You are, in fact, special.

At OTAC, your unique health history, lifestyle and goals are recognized and respected. To make the most of your membership, take advantage of a free consultation with our director of personal training. We will show you how to reach the target you had in mind when you first walked through the door. No more mysteries—just results.

  • Learn all about our personal training services and our dedicated yoga and Pilates studios.
  • Participate in a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to learn how your body moves and functions. Your FMS comes with an analysis and guidance on how to proceed in your fitness routine.
  • Develop a fitness strategy tailored to your specific needs and schedule.
  • Learn how lifestyle habits, like sleeping and eating, can help you reach your health goals.
  • Get scheduled for a Small Group session demo, an initial fitness coaching session and a two-week follow-up.

You deserve more than just a fitness center membership. You deserve support, resources, and most importantly, success. Knowledge is power. We provide you with as much knowledge as possible so that your ambitions can become your life!