OTAC Adventure

OTAC is pleased to launch season 2 of OTAC Adventure!
Our goal for 2023 is to be more than an ordinary gym, because our members deserve the extraordinary! That’s why we have launched season 2 of OTAC Adventure– bringing you more opportunities for connection, excitement and fun as we continue to improve our health while doing more things that we enjoy. We look forward to bringing you activities like hiking, biking, volleyball, kickball, outdoor yoga, and so much more!

OTAC Spring Bike Ride

Date: TBD

Location: OTAC lower parking lot


Price: $20 Members | $40 Non-Members

Price included with the ride 5/13. Ages 15+.

Bring your bike and prep for the ride on May 13. 


Date: TBD

Location: Old Bust Head


Depart Old Bust Head for a 15-20 mile ride and enjoy a tailgate of beverages and snacks post workout. Ages 15+.