Homeschool PE Program

OTAC Divergent Performance is now providing a Homeschool PE Program!

Exercise is an important part of a child’s development, both physically and mentally. Utilizing Divergent Performance for physical education and exercise is a great way to teach your child healthy habits! Classes can be used for P.E. credits, and we will provide performance grades for each child.

Our homeschool classes are divided into two groups, 6-11 years old and 12+ years old.

Membership options:
Drop-In: $20/child
3 month: $99/mo
9 month: $59/mo
12 month: $49/mo

Class days/times:
Tuesday and Thursday @ 1:30pm

**10% sibling discount for two kids 15% sibling discount for three or more kids**

For inquiries:
Call: 540-349-2791
or visit: 331 Walker Drive, Warrenton VA