Holiday Savings

Purchase a highly discounted 3 month paid in full membership and choose when you start!
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 3 Month Membership Offers…

OTAC Iron 3 Month Membership: $99 ($33/month)

OTAC Spark 3 Month Membership: $165 ($55/month)

OTAC Fury 3 Month Membership: $289 ($96.33/month)

OTAC Breathe 3 Month Membership: $289 ($96.33/month)

OTAC Force 3 Month Membership: $379 ($126.33/month)


This offer is for new members only. Membership must be purchased by December 31, 2019.

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A little about these memberships…


OTAC Iron is dedicated to the independent exerciser who wants the best in lifting equipment, selectorized machines, cable equipment, cardio equipment and space for functional training workouts and mobility. The gym features a juice bar, spacious locker rooms and 2,500 square feet of an open floor plan gym.

OTAC Spark

OTAC Spark is our membership for the group fitness lover!

Spark includes Les Mills Programs and our signature classes, plus spin with a projection screen and heart rate monitoring capabilities! Choose from 55 classes weekly.

OTAC Spark provides a contagious energy, plus a dynamic support network of friends and fellow exercisers. Group Fitness classes are about a lot more than just physical health. Working out should be fulfilling and life affirming—not something to dread! Try an OTAC Spark class today, and meet people who look forward to your company! View our schedule of classes.


OTAC fury is for the exerciser that loves small group training. It is dedicated to those who want more motivation and variety through workouts supervised by a certified trainer.

Experience 30-minute High Intensity Interval classes called GRIT, conditioning classes that utilize new equipment like Boxing Master, HIIT MILL, rowers, sleds, sandbags, kettle bells- and more. Plus, special monthly Fury Fusion workouts will change to offer diversity and new challenges. Zone Training Screen for monitoring workouts is available. View our schedules of classes.

OTAC Breathe

Our yoga and pilates studio is a 2,500 square foot oasis with dedicated hot and traditional yoga rooms. Class offerings cover a wide range of styles for practitioners of all experience levels. Our well-credentialed yoga instructors help you realize the joy of a fit body and calm mind. View our schedule of classes.

OTAC Force

OTAC Force (semi-private), is dedicated to personal training, a maximum of 4 people. Each client is assessed through the Functional Movement Screen to determine an appropriate fitness level. Workouts cycle through 4 weeks of volume training, 4 weeks of strength training, and 4 weeks of power training with a metabolic finisher at the end of each session. Force trainers guide each client through exercises, teaching excellent form, modifications, and variations. Workouts are recorded so clients can gauge progress. This is true strength training to its core. Heart rate monitoring is available.