Springtime is for growth and change
FREE workshop on May 17 @ 6:30PM in the Fury studio

Ewa Burak, 20+ yr OTAC member and International swing dance instructor, turning certified Health & Life Coach.

Welcome to this mindset workshop and experience coaching first hand.

Ewa will share about coaching and how she guides her clients through growth and transformation. Ewa will talk about the key roles of awareness and self care, uncover what’s holding you back or slowing you down from getting what you want, and explore what it means to have your own back, no matter what.

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Sign up now for the 6 week Body & Mind program, beginning in September.

The 6 week program includes an assessment at the beginning and end of the time frame, an Ultimate membership and a weekly one-on-one session with Ewa, either on Zoom or in-person. Cost is $125 weekly.

Sign up at the front desk.