Burger and Shake Lifting Competition


Join us at OTAC Iron for our second annual Burger and Shake Lifting Competition!

This competition is open to all. Recover from your workout with a burger and shake afterwards, you’ve earned it!

Complete the challenge and be entered to win $150. This year has just a few slight changes.

Deadlift 12,000lbs 5,000lbs
Squat 10,000lbs 4,000lbs
Horizontal Press 6,000lbs 2,500lbs
Vertical Press 3,500lbs 1,500lbs
Horizontal Pull 6,000lbs 2,500lbs
Vertical Pull 6,000lbs 2,500lbs
Direct Arm 2,000lbs 500lbs
Suitcase Carry 75% Body Weight 55% Body Weight

***Participants must keep control of weight at all times***
Dead lift options- trap bar, conventional straight bar, sumo, squat stance

The bar may not bounce! It must come to a full rest before another rep may be performed. Hips and knees must be fully extended at the top of the lift for it to count. All participants must select a non conventional bar (standard straight bar) to perform one movement to its completion.

Squat (back squat, front squat, straight bar or safety squat bar)
You must hit 90 degrees or parallel for each repetition. Hips and knees fully extended at the top of the lift for rep to count.

Horizontal Press (bench press or dumbbell press)
Must be a flat press. Bar must touch chest or dumbbells come to chest height, elbows must fully extend “lock out” for rep to count (if dumbbells are used the combined weight of the dumbbells of each repetition is what we are using).

Vertical Press (may be done with a barbell or dumbbells)
Note: if dumbbells are used, the combined weight of the dumbbells of each repetition is what we are using.
Bar or dumbbells must come down the collar bone/shoulder height and elbows must fully extend. “Lockout”

Horizontal Pull (bent over row or seated row)
Bar most come in contact with the floor and pulled to the body for each rep. Seated row all handles are acceptable, arms must fully extend and pull all the way to the body, bar may not bounce off the floor.

Vertical Pull (pull up or lat pull down)
Body weight would be used for weight of each rep for the Pull Up.
The pull up must have the chin above the bar and arms must be fully extended.
The lat pull down must have the bar come to collar bone and arms fully extend.

Direct Arm (may be completed with bicep or tricep work or a combination of both)
Example: Bicep curl, tricep extension

Carry (standard suitcase bilateral carry must be done)
Carry will be based on percentage of your body weight and level of competition. You must make 2 laps around Iron.

Wraps to assist lifter holding dumbbells or barbells is NOT allowed. Wrist wraps to support the wrist are allowed.
Knee sleeves or wraps are allowed
Chalk is allowed