Code of Conduct

Old Town Athletic Campus is a community of staff, members and guests that agree to the follow a code of conduct to ensure a safe, clean, trustworthy, results driven and fun wellness environment.

As members of the OTAC family, we agree to the following:

-Enter and exit the facility as guided by staff on duty

-Be respectful to each other at all times

-Stay home if experiencing any signs of illness

-Wash hands before and after each workout

-Clean equipment after each use

-Maintain adequate distance from each other

-Clean accessories after use and return to designated location for proper storage

-Use cleaning supplies consciously without being wasteful

-Alert staff on duty with any concerns or noncompliance issues

-Comply with reservation policies and workout times

-Comply with locker room policies

-Only use cardio equipment designated available for usage

-Lift weight that is manageable. no spotting permitted.