2021 Spring 30 Day Challenges

Let’s focus on our health and wellness in the great outdoors!

At OTAC, we have two challenges starting in May…scroll down to check out which one works best for you.



  1. Starting May 5, we will have a 40 x 40 tent in our parking lot to allow for outdoor classes. These challenges will have class availability indoors and outdoors.
  2. Classes will be socially distanced. All equipment will be sanitized before and after class.
  3. At OTAC, we adhere to CDC Guidelines. Check out our Campus Health and Safety Guidelines on Campus HERE


It’s like bingo BUT way better! Complete as many boxes as you can to be entered into a raffle for GREAT prizes.

For each individual box completed, you’ll receive 1 raffle ticket. For every row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you’ll receive 5
addition-al tickets! Complete all 25 boxes within 30 days and you’ll receive a special gift!


Starts May 10 | Ends June 9


A MYZONE Health Tracker, on sale for 40% off at the front desk until May 15!

An OTAC  Challenge Card.


You must own a MYZONE Health Tracker for prize eligibility which can be purchased at OTAC for only $79.00 (regular price is $150)


Premium Members (Spark, Breathe, Fury Force and Ultimate): FREE
IRON Members:  $25

Sign up  at the front desk and get your PLAYING CARD.

Non-Members $75 PURCHASE HERE
*discounts may not be combined 


2 – One month upgrades to any membership
2-  Five Shake Punch cards
2- One hour Personal Training Sessions
1- Premium Yoga Mat
1- 20% discount off any 12 month upgraded membership
Complete the entire workout card and you’ll receive a FREE OTAC Specially designed t-shirt


OTAC Breathe challenges you to get inspired and break boundaries with our Outdoor 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

This year, our 40 x 40 tent will be placed in our parking lot to allow our participants to enjoy the weather, focus on their mind, body and soul in a safe, (socially distanced) comfortable environment.

Our challenge will feature unlimited yoga, Pilates, meditation and online instruction. The challenge will take place from May 15 thru June 13. 

Yoga has been tested and proven to provide practitioners with stronger, more flexible bodies and tranquil minds. OTAC Breathe challenges you to partake in 15 practices over 30 days to help you achieve a fitter body and a calmer mind. This can be any combination of classes on the OTAC Breathe schedule which includes a variety of yoga, Pilates, meditation and online instruction.

Complete the 15 practices in 30 days and you’ll have chances to win GREAT prizes!

Sign up early… this sells out FAST.


$99 for Non-Breathe Members
$25 for Spark Members

FREE for current Breathe members


  1. Purchase your package at the main desk of Old Town Athletic Campus. If you are not a current OTAC member, you may purchase online. PURCHASE HERE
  2. Grab an OTAC Breathe schedule and wash your yoga pants!
  3. Reserve your spot up to 3 days prior to class at www.otacbreathe.com or via the free OTAC app.
  4. 6 hour Cancellation Policy in full effect with each scheduled session. To avoid a fee of $6 you must cancel any scheduled class at least 6 hours in advance.



  • Get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep per day.
  • Go on a hike, get a massage, or read a leisurely book on the days you can’t make it to practice.
  • Drink lots of water every day and eat clean, whole foods.
  • Have a challenge buddy; get a friend to do the challenge with you for mutual support!
  • Enjoy your journey! Have a small celebration every day you practice, whether it’s a dance party in your
  • living room or that piece of dark chocolate before bed.


Q: What if I go out of town?
A: 30 days to complete 15 practices, this gives you 15 days of wiggle room.

Q: What if I only make 13 practices?
You forfeit the challenge. No exceptions. That’s why it is called a challenge!

Q: What if I’ve never done yoga before?
A: We have plenty of beginner’s classes to choose from, just ask if you need suggestions!

What if I’m already an OTAC Breathe member? You may participate in the challenge at no additional cost while still enjoying the benefits of your OTAC membership! Please visit OTAC’s Hub to register.