November Membership Deal

30 Day Trial 50% Off

Why OTAC? Our Commitment to Human Interaction

Our campus is more than a gym. We truly consider our collection of staff and members to be a family. When someone in our family is down or falls short, the other members are there to lean on and provide support. We hold each other accountable. We make health and fitness a FUN, shared experience. 

Whether you prefer group fitness, small group workouts, mind and body sessions, one-on-one training or independent exercise, when you are a part of our campus, you are a part of a community of people who are here to support your wellness journey. 

Enjoy unlimited classes at OTAC Spark (group fitness) and unlimited access to OTAC Iron (gym) for 30 days for only $35!  

To claim this offer visit the front desk or send us a message! 



*New Members only. Offer must be redeemed by Nov 30.