The Parisi Speed School is a trademarked methodology that has proven results for athletes from elementary age to the professional level. Our mission in using this program is to empower America’s athletes through increased fitness, confidence and performance.

With over 85 locations nationwide that serve over 600,000 athletes, Parisi is recognized as the country’s premiere athletic performance enhancement organization for athletics. Parisi Speed School has changed the lives of many, both on the field and off.

Whether trained on an individual level or as an entire team, athletes see clear results in performance and self-confidence from our programs. Call us today for more information and a free introductory class.

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So that coaches can determine an option best-suited to each individual, we ask athletes ages 7 and up to complete a free evaluation prior to participating in classes.

The evaluation includes:

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Creates the ideal state of athletic readiness for safe and effective performance.
10/20/40 YARD DASH: Electronic timing determines rates of acceleration and a top speed.
VERTICAL JUMP: Assesses lower body strength in a frontal plane.
5-HOP BROAD JUMP: Assesses lower body strength in a sagittal plane.
5-10-5 AGILITY TEST: Determines an athlete’s ability to change direction.
MAX CHIN-UP TEST: Assesses upper body strength.


Old Town Athletic Club’s Parisi coaches have first-hand experience in division I collegiate athletics as well as involvement at the professional level. As your instructors, they are committed to delivering a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character, regardless of ability or economic status.

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Whether you’re looking to advance as a serious athlete or you simply want to increase your strength and speed and have fun doing it, Parisi has a program for you.

Team Training Camps

Our team training camps incorporate fundamental elements proven to be game-changers in the world of sports training. These camps are ideal for coaches who are serious about their athletes’ training and helping them reaching their physical potential. Meanwhile, sessions build confidence and bolster team unity while reducing chances of injury.

Home School Athlete Training (7+)

We offer classes during the day for homeschooled athletes looking for more physical activity and/or performance training. Total Performance and Total Conditioning class styles are designed for athletes ages 7 and up.


The Parisi Challenge is a fun and competitive way for athletes of all Parisi programs to monitor and measure their progress and accomplishments. Athlete scores are published and ranked on a local and national level to create a challenge with a sense of competition and camaraderie.

The Parisi Challenge provides eight distinct levels of achievement with rewards and recognition along the way.
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Classes are designed for fun, focused physical activity! Students will engage in a creative game based fitness environment that will allow them to excel in building a foundation for healthy habits. This is a great way for kids that are new to fitness to get introduced to a world of physical activity!


The Parisi Athlete app was developed for Parisi athletes and their parents as a way to stay up-to-date with training progress and accomplishments. Download the app to your phone by clicking here.

Classes Offered

Total Conditioning (7+)

Focused on youth of all ages, this program is designed to help kids become physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy lifestyle, all while having fun.

Jump Start (7-12)

Considered our junior program, these sessions focus on general motor development for athletes aged 7-12, and include speed training, body weight strength training, endurance, flexibility and improvement in self-esteem. This small group program sets the foundation for success in any sport by developing speed, agility and overall coordination.

Total Performance (13-18)

Focused on athletes ages 13-18, this small group program focuses on the techniques used in speed, agility and strength to maximize improvements in athletic performance.

PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) (13+)

The elite classes have been designed for advanced middle school, high school and college athletes who have attained a certain level on the performance tests and have been voted in by the performance trainers after showing the mental toughness, determination and coachability that it takes to succeed in this class. This individualized coaching program focuses on individual needs, goals and improvements needed for an athlete to complete in his or her specific sport at a competitive level.

PowerTraining 201 (15+)

This class is for the experienced athlete looking to increase force production and muscle mass through resistance training. Complex exercises such as the deadlift, the clean and the jerk will be taught under strict supervision to ensure proper execution and safety of each movement. Training is designed to benefit high school to professional athletes.