We have some very exciting news to share with current and former members of the Parisi Speed School. Your suggestions and comments throughout the years have been invaluable, and now thanks to your support, we are ready to take the Parisi Speed School to the next level. We are proud to bring you Divergent Performance.

Divergent Performance is an athletic performance training academy that specializes in individual student needs. Our programs accommodate youth as young as two and a half and work all the way up to professional athletes. Our deep understanding of kinesiology combined with foundational principles and sport-specific functions allows our students to reach their full potential.

Divergent Performance vows to provide the most powerful, effective and up-to-date training possible.

Our mission is to help athletes of all ages discover their maximum potential through dedication, respect and work ethic. We pledge to provide each athlete with the hands-on education they will need to unlock the skills, confidence and strength to achieve their goals.

What will change? Why will Divergent Performance be better?

Parisi Speed School will live on as a featured component of Divergent Performance. However, much of the speed programming offered through Parisi will be taken to the next level.  That means new exercises, new movements, a new evaluation process and more will deliver an elevated training experience to our students. Students will be placed more appropriately within the program with new age brackets and class options. The speed performance series will incorporate four different segments of training within the program: Linear Speed, Agility/Change of Direction, Mobility/Stability, & Warrior Endurance. These classes will rotate on a day-to-day basis, allowing our students to be challenged through various pathways to yield faster results. We are anxious to show our community the capabilities of this new series – we believe you won’t find a more comprehensive curriculum anywhere else.

We have also redesigned our strength training area and will continue to develop our strength program. This program continues to excel as our students see their bodies transform and their force production on the field of play increase greatly. Strength Performance will pull serious potential out of our athletes and supply them with a major confidence boost as well. When combined with the Speed Performance program – our Ultimate Performance package – our athletes get the best of both worlds. Students can expect a considerable increase in athleticism and performance within this package.

We now offer the ability to develop sport-specific training amongst groups of athletes in the same sport(s). If you have a group that would like specific training for a desired sport, we will create a custom program tailored to their needs. We will also continue to build on our offerings; our coaches have been training baseball and softball players for three years, and now we will add to our skill-specific offerings by hiring properly credentialed coaches in their respective sports.

We are offering a special during the month of May. Receive 15% off when you purchase any three-month membership option: Speed Performance, Strength Performance or Ultimate Performance. We will host an Open House on Friday, June 1 from 4-6pm and Saturday, June 2 from 9am-12pm. The Open House is the last day you can take advantage of this special promotion. By attending the Open House, your son or daughter will also earn tickets for a drawing to win a pair of custom Nike ID shoes!

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with our students and to show the community how Divergent Performance can make a major difference in the lives of our community’s youth!



Athletes must complete the FREE evaluation prior to participating in classes. The evaluation starts with a dynamic warm-up which first creates the ideal state of athletic readiness for safe and effective performance. What we test:

  • 10 Yard Dash- Determines an acceleration rating
  • 20 Yard Dash- Determines top speed…sprints are electronically timed
  • 40 Yard Dash- Determines the ability to maintain top speed
  • Vertical Jump- Assesses lower body strength in a frontal plane
  • 5 Hop Broad Jump- Assesses lower body strength in a sagittal plane
  • 5-10-5 Agility Test- Determines an athlete’s ability to change direction
  • Max Chin-Up Test- Assesses upper body strength


Divergent Performance offers in season and off season training at your preferred location or at our facility. Our custom training approach has proven to be game-changer for coaches who are serious about their athletes’ training. We help athletes reduce the chance for injury, reach their highest physical potential, boost their confidence and bolster team unity. Please inquire within for scheduling and pricing information.  


We now offer alternative team camp options in addition to our speed, strength, and conditioning camps.   Divergent Performance recognizes the value that various forms of exercise and training have to offer.   Our three alternative camp options include:

    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Trigger Point Therapy

*Please inquire within for scheduling, pricing and program information.  


Classes are designed for fun, focused physical activity! Students will engage in a creative game based fitness environment that will allow them to excel in building a foundation for healthy habits. This is a great way for kids that are new to fitness to get introduced to a world of physical activity!